USDA Food Tracking

The following information is from the USDA for the full article click here! Rest assured M&CP Farms is doing everything possible to stay ahead of the policy makers and we should have a nice system in place that will exceed the minimum requirements.

Recently, policymakers have begun weighing the usefulness of making such systems mandatory so as to address issues ranging from food safety and bioterrorism to consumers’ right to know.

For example, policymakers in many countries have proposed or adopted mandatory systems to track animal feed to control the risk of mad cow disease and to
improve meat safety. Other proposals involve mandatory tracking of food transportation systems to reduce the risk of tampering. Numerous proposals involve mandating traceability to help provide consumers with information on a variety of food attributes including country of origin, animal welfare, and genetic engineering. Food producers, manufacturers, and retailers have many of the same concerns as government policymakers and in fact already keep traceability records for a wide range of foods and food attributes. The questions before policymakers are, does the private sector provide enough traceability to meet social objectives? If not, what policy tools are best targeted to increasing the supply of traceability?

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