Parmesan-Asiago Pasta Salad

Kent's Pasta SaladIngredients:

Tri-Color Rotini pasta 16 oz. bag or box
1/2 of 9 oz. jar of Penna Parmesan-Asiago Dip/Spread (can use whole jar for a cheesier flavor)
1/2 lb of dried salami, cut into 1/4 inch slices, then dice finely (about 1/4″ or smaller size)
1 – 16 oz. bottle of your favorite Italian Salad Dressing
15 oz. can kidney beans (drained)
15 oz. can garbanzo beans (drained)
1 – 10 oz. jar Penna Deli Mix (drained)
1 – 9 oz. jar Penna Muffaletta Spread


Boil pasta according to directions and drain, put in large bowl. Add Parmesan-Asiago dip, diced salami, kidney beans, garbanzo beans and jar of Muffaletta Spread. Start stirring, gradually adding about 1/2 the Italian salad dressing. Add Deli Mix and be sure to include the spices it comes with, stir and gradually add the rest of the Italian salad dressing. Let salad spread its flavors at least overnight, stirring at least twice.


Kent's Pasta Salad1

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