Fresh Black Olives Udate!!

We will start taking orders for Fresh Black Olives this Thursday at 10 PM PST, that’s 11-13-14 at 10 PM Pacific Standard Time. We will not take orders before this, even if you call. There is no waiting list.

Due to the cold weather coming in, we can not guarantee that this fresh product will not arrive frozen. If they do, you can still process the frozen olives in food grade rock salt. In fact, the freeze might sweeten the olives. So no claims on frozen fruit, if you live in an area that gets cold, you are gambling as the delivery service we use does not use insulated trucks.

Also remember that fresh black olives are ripe fruit, they are easily bruised. When we ship them they are still firm, but if the box is handled roughly by the shipper, you may get some soft fruit. These olives can still be used with a food grade rock salt cure. We do not take these type of damage claims, call UPS and follow their procedures. We recommend that you take pictures if you have any problems to help substantiate your claim. If the box is damaged, take a picture and call both UPS and us.


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