Dried Olive Appetizer

From one of our Foodies, Peter Gwailo.


Chopped salt cured blacks, aka Olivasecca
Chopped green salad olives, or any of our pitted olives, chopped *
Diced garlic
Olive oil
Lemon zest and juice
Feta or Blue Cheese
Let marinade 24 hours in frig before serving.

Serving suggestions; Crackers, toasted garlic bread or use as a sandwich  or salad topping.

(Advice from Penna Olives; no quantities listed so this is a recipe to make your own with your own ratio of ingredients.  Another option would be to hydrate the Olivasecca dried olives a bit first.)

* – you could also use Penna Roman Olive Salad chopped up.

From our “Recipes of the Foodies of GreatOlives” Facebook page.

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