Whole Olives

Calabrese Olives
A Calabrese olive is a green Italian olive that has a firm crunchy texture and a flavor profile that..
California Kalamon Olives
Premium Estate Grown Kalamon Olives. Another type of olive that grows very well in Northern Calif..
Garlic Whole Olives
Premium slow processed olives "hand stuffed" with crispy California garlic. The flavor and textur..
Italian Style Whole Olives
The "Queen Olive", processed slow to maintain its' firmness and natural flavors. Th..
Kalamata Whole Olives
Premium Kalamata Whole Olives. Another type of olive that grows very well in Northern California...
Lemon Citrus Whole Olives
Our Lemon citrus olives are slow cured. The fresh clean flavor is achieved by the addition of Cal..
Mediterranean Olives
Our Mediterranean olives are cured for 18 to 36 months. Wild oregano and olive oil add to an alre..
Mission Home Style
Mission olives cured and mellowed in vinegar with spices to enhance the natural nutty flavor. ..
Oil Cured Olives
Oil Cured Olives WHOLESALE / BULK CUSTOMERS Interested in buying wholesale or bulk..
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