Almond prices going up, leads to price increase on Almond Stuffed Olives

The cost of almonds has gone up significantly. With the drought here in California, supply versus demand has equated to higher prices with no end in sight. Maurice has been searching diligently for a decent price for almonds, but the price keeps going up. We considered dropping this product, but heard from our customers and distributors that this is a very popular product and most customers would still want the product, even if the price went up. We decided to pass the cost on and keep production going for this popular product. We did not increase our profit margin on this product, we just increased the price enough to make sure our profit margin remained the same.

For our large 16 oz jars, the price increase amounts to 50 cents per jar, or $6.00 per case. For the smaller 9 oz jars, the price increase amounts to 25 cents per jar, or $3.00 per case. That means the almond stuffed olives in the 16 oz. jars will go from $4.75 to $5.25 per jar, for the smaller 9 oz. jars prices will go from $3.35 to $3.60 per jar.

For bulk stuffed almonds we have inventory that we will continue to sell at current prices. When that runs out,we will have to raise the prices on them also. The price for two five pound bags is now $62.14, with the wholesale price at $40.00. Once existing inventory is exhausted, the prices will have to go up. We estimate that the new prices will probably be about $69.00 for two five pound bags of almond stuffed olives and the wholesale price for the same product will probably be about $44.50. Get them while the price is low!


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