2012 Olive Crop

Many of our loyal Fresh Olive Customers are already starting to call in and inquire about the 2012 Olive Crop. While it is to soon to say for sure, I can tell you that after looking at the bus on the trees we are very hopeful for a good crop. There are a few things that will affect the the bloom and cold weather is one of them. This morning the temperature dropped to about 38 degrees. The temperature did not drop low enough and long enough that it would have caused much if any issues for our crop.

If Mother nature will play nice for the next few weeks there is a good possibility of a decent size crop. Knock on wood, cross your fingers, say a prayer or whatever it is you do in times like this, lol. Start watching our Fresh Olive update In September if you are interested in fresh olives. But more importantly continue to watch our blog as we plan to start shooting some pictures of the different stages of bloom and pollination and explaining what is going on with the crop and our expectations.


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